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How to Improve the Indexing Backlinks Speed on Google?

Index Backlinks Fast

Do you know the backlinks if not indexed are not of any value to Google? Every day thousands of new backlinks are created on the internet. Among these only a few percentages of those actually get indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, etc. These search engines follow a certain algorithm for indexing links and if you follow that algorithm; it will have more chance of getting indexed. That’s why it is necessary to find out those criteria so that you can improve the indexing rate.

Even before proceeding with backlink indexing, it would be wise to check if the backlink in question is already indexed or not. Best way to check whether it is indexed or not is by pasting the URL into the Google search box. If it is indexed, it will appear in the search results otherwise you can assume it is not indexed. There are certain SEO tools as well using which you can check the status of your backlinks. If you have access to such a tool, you can use that to find out whether your links are indexed. If it is indexed, there is no issue. Otherwise, you need to find a solution to index backlinks in Google so that you can get the due benefits from SEO aspect.

Below are some easy fixes which will help you to index your backlinks fast in Google. Sometimes, a certain method may not work due to the nature of links. In that case, you can apply the alternative techniques that are described here. If you can use these techniques effectively, almost 99% of your backlinks can be indexed in a very quick time.

First of all, you should not be in a hurry to index links. Most search engines like Google, usually find the newly created backlinks within 2 weeks. If you notice they are not indexed even after that period, you can use the power of social sharing to increase the indexing possibilities. Social share is a nice method which actually helps to get real traffic to any URL. Once your created links get human traffic, the chance of getting indexed in Google will also improve drastically. Similarly, you can use social bookmarking too for the same purpose.

Just like social share, pinging is another way that can be used in order to index fast and effectively. There are many pinging platforms both free and paid which you can use for this. These pinging websites inform the search engines that they found new links worth indexing in the database. As a consequence, the search bot follows the instruction to index the backlinks that are pinged. This is a very effective method and used by many webmasters around the world.

Always remember that low quality backlinks will not be indexed by the search engines even if you try hard. That’s it is better to get high quality links including guest posting, press release, web 2.0 and others. If your website gets high quality links, it will get indexed naturally by search engines like Google without any efforts from your part. Hence concentrate on that issue first as prevention is always better than cure.

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How to use Telegram to reap maximum benefits for your Digital Marketing efforts?

Using Telegram for Digital marketing

Do you think using Telegram in the digital marketing field is a weird idea? In that case, these stats will definitely be an eye-opener for you. As of today, there are 100 million active users that are using Telegram. What is more, around half a million new users are joining this latest messaging app on a daily basis. The number of messages that are sent using this website is close to 20 billion per day. If you still believe, Telegram is not worth to try especially in the digital marketing arena; you are definitely neglecting your business growth opportunities.

There is no doubt about the fact that in very short time Telegram has emerged as a useful marketing technique particularly for online businesses. With Telegram, there has opened an absolutely new avenue which was not explored earlier. Now the businesses can contact their clients, accept new orders and answer customer queries using this wonderful messaging app called Telegram. Be it is a B2B communication or B2C communication; business organizations are using this tool to their maximum advantage. Also, the young generation is also more comfortable using Telegram for communication. That’s another reason why it has become popular so quickly.

Using Telegram for Marketing and Promotion
Now that you have completely understood why you should start using Telegram if you want to grow your business, it would be wise to concentrate on the most important issue of this post i.e. using Telegram for marketing and promotion. There are some vital features that enable you to effectively promote your business through Telegram. Telegram actually provides you the freedom to think beyond monotonous text message marketing. It supports multi messaging format including traditional texting, photos, audio, video, doc, mp3, etc. The multi messaging format is a great way to leverage maximum benefits for an online business.

Additional Telegram Features
Apart from supporting multi messaging format, there are some additional features which you can use to promote your business. For instance, the Telegram Supergroups feature enable you to group your important customers together. After that, you can pin important messages, broadcast special announcements and add members or buy telegram members following a few taps. Another awesome feature of Telegram that is immensely popular is its chatbots. These chatbots can reduce your marketing workloads using predefined automation. They can also be used to systemize major marketing processes and handle a variety of tasks.

How you should Start?
If you don’t have any presence at Telegram, it would be wise to get started with Telegram marketing by creating a Group/Channel dedicated to your business. Unlike WhatsApp group, there is some basic difference with Telegram groups. You should remember that apart from messaging the users within the group; the Telegram group will also get indexed in Google. Hence make sure to choose a group name which is relevant to your business. This is vital for SEO purpose as well.

New social media platform like Telegram, Snapchat, etc are emerging and you should be taking complete advantage of those. And if the situation demands, you need to leverage the maximum benefits by putting more efforts. While following this process, you may need to use techniques to increase telegram members in your channel or boost the snapchat score as required. These are some little tips and hacks which if used in the right direction can benefit your business in the long term.

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Are High PR Backlinks essential Google Ranking Factors? Truth is Revealed

High PR Backlinks

There is no doubt about the fact that PageRank (PR) was a revolutionary invention in the SEO industry. Although Google has stopped displaying website PR publicly due to huge exploitation issue, still no one can deny the fact that Google search algorithm was mainly based on the PageRank which was tossed by the Google co-founder Larry Page. Many people thought the value of PR has decreased ever since Google has decided to stop showing that domain metrics publicly. Is it so? Today, in our blog post we will discuss this issue and will try to figure out the exact scenario.

What are High PR backlinks?

I know that most of the readers have a brief idea about the definition of high PR backlinks, still few people may wonder what is high PR links and how one can identify these backlinks. And although it may sound strange, there are many people who have the wrong concept about high PR links too. To clarify all the doubts regarding high PR backlinks, you need to understand the concept of an authority website. Authority websites are those sites that are successful to create a trust factor in the user’s mind who are using Google. Examples of such websites are Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, etc. There are many more authority sites based on the niche in which you are interested. As people heavily trust these web properties compared to other general websites, Google decided to categorize these authority websites and PR was one of the main factors that Google used in this process. Google would award high PageRank (above 7) to these authority websites. Actually, the high PR secretly denotes high voting power in the Google search algorithm.

Why High PR links?

From the above discussion, we already know that high PR websites have high voting power. This is a very vital statement in the context of today’s discussion. In those days, there were very few people in the SEO industry who understood the value of high PR backlinks and started to use that power. And the result was almost instant in Google search engine result page. Based on their findings, Paul and Angela started a subscription based website and the website was popular very quickly. After that incident, many people in the SEO industry came to know about the power of high PR backlinks and started using that to their own benefits.

How to Create High PR Backlinks?

Now that you have fully understood the value of high PR backlinks, we should proceed our discussion towards the next avenue i.e. how to create them. Although PR links are one of the strongest SEO ranking factors, still you can create these backlinks rather easily. In most of these authority websites, you will find a button to Sign up or Register. Just fill in the required credentials for registration and your identity is created on high authority sites. One of the major issues that you will come across while registering, it takes a lot of time. That can be a disadvantage if you have other jobs to do. In that case, you can simply find a good provider of such links and proceed to buy pr9 backlinks from a reputed source. This is the magic called outsourcing and it can save your quality time if used diligently. While buying, you need to make sure the backlinks are created manually as Google hates machine generated links.

Still a Ranking factor?

From our discussion, it can easily be concluded that high PR backlinks are still one of the major SEO ranking factors especially for Google. Search engines like Bing, Duckduckgo may follow a different search algorithm to determine the top 10 results, but one thing is sure that they also treat authority backlinks as one of the major ranking factors. Therefore, if you are a website owner and wondering how to start your link building campaign, you can start with high PR links. There is no doubt that other backlink sources like PBN, Web 2.0, Guest posting are also vital. However, as a webmaster, your goal is to make your foundation strong and PR backlinks are very effective for that purpose.

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How to use coupon code while buying services on eSEOStore?

eseostore coupon code

In very short span of time, has become popular among the users due to the wide ranges of SEO services that are offered on this marketplace. Not only that, this premium seo marketplace has some unique and effective SEO services which are very popular among the webmasters around the globe. However do you know that there are coupon code exclusively for you using which you can get discount on the orders that you place here?

How to use Coupon code?

Currently we are offering coupon code only for members for our website. Therefore if you wish to avail the discount, you need to sign up to our marketplace first. After you have joined eSEOStore as member, you can search for the services as per your requirement. Once you have selected the service to order, you can use coupon code “DP10” at the checkout page. After you have successfully applied the coupon code, you will get flat 10% discount here. Remember we are offering this coupon code for a limited time only. After the coupon quota is fulfilled, the validity of coupon code will expire.

Seasonal discounts

Apart from the exclusive member discount, we also offer many seasonal coupon codes throughout the year. For that, you need to subscribe to our newsletter. We will email the latest offers and discount codes that are available when you subscribe to our newsletter. We are also offering surprise coupon codes to selected users. The condition of such coupon code eligibility is strictly based on certain criteria which will not be revealed publicly. You will receive an email from us when you are eligible for such offers. So why are still waiting? Browse our SEO marketplace to choose service (s) that can boost your sales and revenue of your online business. For more news and latest updates subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social channels including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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SEO Vs PPC: The Journey to Ultimate Traffic Strategy for Online Business


There is no doubt about the fact the online business’ success greatly depends on the traffic generated by the website. Traffic is like the supply of customers to a restaurant without which the business can’t sustain for a long time. For instance, suppose you open a restaurant in your city with some of the exotic foods items; however if the restaurant does not attract any customers, the exact reason for opening the restaurant will not be materialized. In online business too, if you compare your website with the restaurant, the traffic is like the customers of that restaurant. Now you can easily understand why every webmaster toils hard to get ample amount of traffic to their website. The more traffic a website gets, the more it will be able to fulfill the original purpose of the online business. If your main goal is to grow your online business, it’s important to drive traffic through search engines, as well as take appropriate steps to work upon the PPC campaigns if the situation demands. Both of these techniques are vital aspects to any marketing plan, but let us find out which is the right strategy for online business considering your exact circumstances.

To begin with I would like to tell an interesting story about two friends naming Jack and James. Jack and James both are very enthusiastic about webmastering. They want to make money from their website which they have just bought from a well-known website marketplace. However, they are a full-time employee in an organization where they need to work very hard. Moreover, they need to travel daily 1-2 hour to reach their office. As a consequence, they don’t get much time to work on the website apart from the weekend. On the positive note, being a full-time employee they are paid well, hence they have a fixed fund to invest. Suppose the amount is $X,xxx.

So on a random Sunday morning, they decide to invest the fund which they have already allocated in order to get improve website’s traffic as that is not very impressive currently. After some online research, James seems to find out the solution for the traffic problem. So he makes a call to his friend Jack as his website is also facing the same trouble. Over the phone, James excitingly informs Jack about his newfound solution i.e. PPC or Google Adwords. However, Jack is not so excited like his friend and he tells James that he needs more time to do some additional online research.

On the next Monday during lunchtime, James informs Jack that he has already started the Google adwords campaign for his website and also enquire about his friend’s decision. Jack replies that he has decided to run an SEO campaign. Upon hearing this James is very much astonished and suggests that he should abort his plan immediately as after Google updates, SEO is not working. The argument continues for the entire lunchtime without any fruitful results as both of the friends stick to their original plans. They decide to share their respective results after one month.

After one month, Jack and James again meet during lunchtime. James is very excited to report that his website is already getting traffic and made some profit too. Jack does not seem that excited as his website is not getting decent traffic. And due to the cost of the SEO campaign, he is running into loss. James again suggests his friend opt for PPC. But Jack is adamant.

The story continues for the next 2-3 months. James is profiting from his website through PPC and Jack is making a loss due to running SEO campaign continuously. In order to run respective campaigns, fund of both Jack and James is decreasing pretty fast. James is spending $Xxx every month in PPC campaign to profit around $Xx. Whereas Jack is also spending $Xx-$Xxx every month in SEO without any profit. However, during this period, there are some major changes. Although Jack’s website has not made any profit, the traffic seems to be growing continuously. On the other hand traffic and profit of James’s website is pretty much constant during this entire period. During the 5th month, all the allocated fund of Jack was finished. However his website is now getting decent traffic and also making some money although very little. James’s fund is also almost finished but website traffic and profit remain pretty much the same. At the same time, there have been some major changes in their mindset too. While Jack has become even more enthusiastic about his website, the interest of James is declining. At the end of 6th month, Jack’s website is making more money compared to James.

The above story is not about Jack and James only; there are thousands of webmasters who have faced with such situation. Now let me explain the exact reasons behind the above mentioned situation.

If you are into the website, you would have probably heard the word Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Ideally, SEO is the process of utilizing targeted keywords and techniques to rank your website higher on the SERP page so that people enter your online business by clicking your link. This is vital as almost 80% of people prefer to use search engines like Google when they need to make a decision. Not surprisingly, those people are more likely to choose the websites that appear near the top of the SERP.

Due to the process of how SEO works, it has one major advantage over other techniques i.e. it brings you better leads for online business. Many of those users that land on your website through search engines will become long term customers and what is more, they will spread the word to other people who might become your future customers. Hence it is quite obvious why so many webmasters seek for effective SEO services to rank better in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

PPC or paid advertising can also be a valuable component of your online business if used effectively. PPC or pay per click is a method of search advertising in which you give money to respective search engines to show your website appear in front page when someone search for a keyword relevant to your business. The main advantage of PPC over SEO is that it can get you instant traffic to your website. In most cases, SEO tactics take a long time to rank on search engines if you are not using proper SEO methods.

In those situations, PPC advertising is considered effective as people can get to see your website as soon as you make payment. However, this technique is quite risky too. Therefore if you can’t create a PPC campaign properly, you can lose thousands of dollars without yielding the desired results. So if you decide to opt for PPC, make sure you are selecting the keywords with minimum bid value in order to avoid huge loss.

Which is the Best?
This is a tricky question based on the exact niche of your online business. The answer to this question is not at all straightforward as there are many things to consider. In simple word, your ultimate goal should be to increase website traffic so that your online business generates more revenue. And in order to do so, you need to use both SEO as well as PPC depending on the surrounding factors. As a business owner, you should be aware of when to use these marketing techniques. You should remember, while SEO is important to produce quality leads and sustained traffic, at the same time PPC is a great tool to attract instant attention to your online business and special periodic offers.

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Why SEO friendly Content Play Vital Role in Search Engine Ranking?

SEO Friendly Content

As you know there are various factors which determine the ranking in Google and other search engines. Among those, SEO optimized content is one of the most important elements. In recent times, it is found the role of smart article writing is increasing. Apart from that it also plays an important role in boosting sales by increasing conversion rate.

For instance, when a person try to search something, they use word or word phrases more popularly called keyword to narrow their results to find what exactly they need. After that, Google reviews those keywords and combs its database indexes to find the most relevant matches to those keywords. However Google does not show those matches in a random order but it organizes the results according to specific search algorithm. And SEO friendly content is part of that search algorithm used by Google.

Relevant Content is the Key

Now that you are aware that relevant content is important for search algorithm, you may wonder how Google determines relevancy. The answer to that particular question is being searched by many people without any definite solution. In reality, Google uses highly confidential algorithms to determine search relevancy to your query. That is the trade secret which Google will not reveal to anyone. However, online marketing PR experts have gone through extensive research on how Google responds in different searches which clearly reveals quality content play a major role.

Content is the King! Really?

If you have a website, it will surely have some content of any form. Websites having quality content can easily be found by the users. However, you need to make sure the content used by your website is unique and compelling in nature. Otherwise you will notice, a website having better quality content is constantly ranking higher over your own website. That’s why you should concentrate heavily on having unique content on your website. Another demerit of using duplicate content is that your website is unable to utilize its full potential. This is the exact reason why search engines like Google always encourages webmasters to put unique content on their website. Search engines always give preference to the original content on the search engine results page to combat any form of duplicity. Hence if you want a successful website in terms of traffic and revenue, it is vital to use only unique and interesting material.

Keywords in Content

There is no doubt about the fact that unique content play a vital role in overall website success. However creating unique content and articles on diverse topic isn’t going to help your website either. You can’t just create loads of content and expect ranking your website on Google. So how does this actually take place? It’s all about the proper balance in keywords and relevancy. You need to add quality content to your website based on a particular context. This context is the main theme of your website which is commonly known as niche. Your goal should be to create niche relevant keyword rich content.

While there are could be endless SEO factors out there, including the on page and off page SEO; content remains to be the most important factor since the beginning. Because people use words to communicate, in daily lives and also use them while searching online on Google. In simple words, if you do not have any text or content on your website, there cannot be any match when a user searches for something. Therefore SEO friendly content will always be on top of the list when it comes to preference in search engine algorithm.

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Case Study: How I ranked so called difficult keywords on Google Top 10 with eSEOStore services

SEO case study

Today I would like to share a case study, rather a story that most of the website owners can easily relate. My name is Thomas Elberton and I guess you are aware of my works and websites if you belong to webmastering and SEO space. You should also know that I like to experiment with different websites and niches and share the results on my blog regularly. Going by the intuition, I decided to start a website in a competitive niche as most SEO tool like semrush confirmed. As you know I do this kind of tests so that I can learn new things about SEO and link building market. Furthermore, I also share these tests result in my blog so that the readers too can enlighten themselves about the latest technologies in the SEO industry. So why waste any more time! Let’s get started with the actual experiment, how I proceeded and the result I achieved. Like you, I too eager to share the story here as I noticed some unusual things which are quite exciting.

The Setup

I started this website project during the month of June this year. Regarding the domain, it was a fresh domain without any previous metrics and I registered the domain via NameCheap using promo code at $0.88 for one year. For the hosting purpose, I used my personal hosting service provider where I perform this kind of experiments. Then I installed WordPress to make the website public. Regarding the niche, I picked golf and set up a simple amazon affiliate website using necessary plugins. I am used to making such websites hence it did not take much time to develop the actual site. I also designed a simple logo using photoshop. The website was functional but nothing to fancy about. It was the most simple website that you could imagine.

The SEO plan

As I mentioned earlier, the niche was quite competitive in the golf niche. And I targeted to get 90% traffic from search engines; mainly from Google. As a consequence, you should be aware of the hard work that needs to be performed to achieve my target. Moreover, as I am always busy with my other projects, therefore I decided to completely outsource the SEO. I solely concentrated on buying SEO services by searching for various well-known SEO marketplaces. The job of finding the right SEO is much harder than it is sounding here.

The results

The results were quite astonishing, to say the least! While my SEO campaign was let down by the services from reputed sellers from forums and marketplaces, on the other hand, I got a surprising result using relatively a new SEO marketplace called Although few people in my webmaster circle mentioned that website, I did not pay much attention. However, when some of the most trusted SEO services failed to provide me the desired results, I reluctantly opted to use SEO services from eseostore. And I am glad, I did that. It seems they are using some custom mix of backlinks to achieve Google top 10. I am not sure how did they achieve the results, but it is definitely working.

In the endnotes after this project, I have realized that SEO is of mixing of science with intuition. Therefore you need to be creative while planning your SEO campaigns. I have also concluded that no niche is difficult enough for not trying once. If you can plan your SEO battle with proper execution and creativity, you can surely achieve the most unrealistic goal.

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How Reddit can help to improve your SEO and Traffic?

Reddit commonly known as the front page of the internet is the most influential social news aggregators on the internet. It creates headlines, drives traffic to the website, and responsible for many things compared to any other social network.

Using Reddit to promote your content marketing and SEO efforts is going to take either a lot of time or some money – neither of which many marketers have.

But that doesn’t mean Reddit is useless for marketing. There are ways to use Reddit for better SEO and content marketing without submitting or paying for submissions, all involving the goldmine of research that is Reddit.

Reddit SEO

Selection of Subreddit

If you want to use Reddit for online marketing and SEO purpose, you have to start with the proper selection of subreddit. Reddit is full of various subreddits. In general, these are like small communities organized around a particular topic where users can submit post, upvote or downvote and comment on those posts. First of all your challenge will be finding subreddits relevant to your website or blog. You can easily search using your primary keyword and choose from the results.

You should always select the most appropriate subreddits and that can be more than one based on your website niche. Also, try to target the subreddit which has a large number of subscribers. You can even create your own subreddit and engage users to get more Reddit subscribers. However, that is a completely different issue altogether and needs a different post to discuss.

Using Subreddit for SEO

Once you have found the right subreddit for your website, you have to learn the exact etiquette that subreddit is following. Every Reddit subreddit has its own rules and regulations that users need to follow. This is very important because if you are found to violate those rules, you will be banned immediately. Reddit is very strict about that. After that, you can research those subreddits relevant to your website to find content topics and ideas that have done well previously. To find content ideas that have worked well, filter subreddits by “Top” and then by time period. You can use those ideas yourself to promote your website, blog and youtube channel.

There is no doubt that finding the exact keyword for Reddit SEO can be toughest. The problem lies with finding keywords is that choosing those keywords which have less competition and relatively more search volume. In the case of Reddit though it does not matter much as long as you are interacting with the Reddit community and getting traffic to your website. That is the beauty of using Reddit compared to other social networks. And if you are posting effectively in Reddit and getting continuous upvotes, your post can make it to the front page. What is more, you can also buy reddit upvotes to make this process faster. Many marketers have found success following this exact technique.

Reddit is an incredible website for internet marketers and untapped traffic source. You just need to head to and spend a few minutes clicking through the various subreddits. Don’t ignore the potential of using Reddit for SEO and content marketing. It can pay you really well in terms of website traffic and sales.

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Why Musicians should buy SEO and Social Media Services?

Musician SEO

In today’s world, the internet plays a vital role in the success of musicians. As a musician, you may be the next big star at your local pub, but until your music gets enough footprints online, you won’t be able to get any popularity as a musician. In order to make your music entity famous, you need to use the latest digital marketing services including SEO and different social media services. In this post, we are going discuss on this exact topic so that you can leverage maximum benefits from eSEOStore marketplace as an upcoming musician.

As a musician, your song and the music video are the reflections of your artistic talent, hence you have to make sure you are putting best efforts in order to make your creation visible to the world through internet. You should take all the time in the world to make sure that your music is the best in that category. Because once you have uploaded the music to YouTube or Spotify, you will not get that second chance to impress your audience.

Branding is important

If you have already chosen the brand name for your music channel, make sure you stick with that. It is also important to use that same brand name across all the social media channels that you have. It will help you to establish your online branding as a musician. Also if you are yet to choose the brand name, do some research before its selection. So that you can acquire the vanity URL across all the social profiles that you will be setting up. This step is vital and if properly chosen, it will help you in the future as well.

Publishing the Music

These days, online music streaming websites are providing the required foundation to the budding musicians. There are thousands of music streaming sites out there, but you don’t need to publish your music to all those. At the same time make sure you’re putting your music on the best websites according to your genre and style. Websites like Spotify, Soundcloud, Snapchat, and Datpiff are a good one to share your music. And of course, don’t forget YouTube even if you don’t have the video. The audio song also works fine with YouTube which is the second biggest search engine in the world.

Social media is Crucial

Creating social media accounts for your music band and updating them regularly is vital to gain more twitter, Instagram, and youtube presence. Also, you should be using trending articles and relevant hashtags to gain followers across all social media channels. Link to and share music that you like as well as your own music, and broadcast your personal events through Facebook, Instagram, etc. This steady music marketing will help you to easily connect with your worldwide fans.

Focus on SEO

If you have your own website, SEO can provide that extra edge over other musicians. Make sure you’re doing SEO locally and globally so that your website is always in Google result for relevant music keywords. Music blogs are always looking for the next big thing, so reach out to influential bloggers with your guest posting proposal. If you build a relationship with bloggers, you’ll have a reliable channel to promote your music in the future.

When you’re trying to make it count like a musician, your music is only one part of the equation. You need to keep in mind that by using niche SEO and digital marketing for music you will be able to impact more. Use of social media will also make it much easier for your followers to discover your music online and simultaneously spread the word about how awesome your new single is. That in return will have a long-lasting positive effect.

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Is Niche based SEO Service more effective compared to Traditional SEO?

Niche based SEO

There is no doubt about the fact that the SEO industry is one of the most dynamic industries in technology and IT field. The rules and algorithms are keep getting changed every now and then to make things more complex. And not to forget about the competition; with every single minute, there is a new website that is being developed. Along with that domain registrars are also kept busy by the web developers as well as the webmasters. All these activities are leading to more competition in the webmastering world. Although the competition is always increasing, no one wants to lag behind in Google ranking. As a result, there have been various things happening very fast in the SEO field. One of the recent trends is the invention and use of niche based SEO by different webmasters. Today our topic of discussion is centered around this recent trend.

Reasons for Niche based SEO
In the opening paragraph, it is already discussed that an increase in the number of websites is one of the major reasons why niche based SEO services are getting popular. Apart from that, there are other reasons too. Another main reason is the frequent algorithm update from Google and other search engines such as Bing. Due to these algorithm changes, traditional SEO seems to become more and more ineffective. By modifying the SEO strategy and using more powerful backlinks such as high metrics PBN, webmasters are still able to rank their keywords in top 10 results. Still there niches where competition is more fierce compared to other niches. To rank for those niches, it has become quite essential to use niche specific SEO backlinks. If you take the example of real estate niche, you will notice the competition is too high. The same thing applies for other notable niches including casino, adult, pharmacy, etc.

Should I use Niche based SEO services?
If you are facing stiff competition while ranking your keywords, it is probably the time to start using niche based SEO services. Hence there is nothing specific when it comes to using this trending SEO package. It will all depend on your personal expectation and a current result that you are seeing, to decide whether you should opt for this specific SEO or continue using traditional service for your website. As a webmaster, you are in the best position to do that. At the same time, you should remember there are other webmasters having websites of a similar theme. It is only a matter of time that they would start using niche based solution like adult SEO services and others depending on the website niche. Therefore in order to be ahead of your competitors, it would be wise to start using theme based SEO solution before they opt for similar services.

In the end, it is all about using the latest techniques and link building methods if you want to go ahead and beat the competition. And in the SEO industry, the story is no different. You need to use the exact formulation that is right for your website, it can be a traditional SEO backlink or niche based SEO service depending on the current situation.