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Making your website Google Update proof to increase Revenue

Google update

Is your website getting less search traffic after being hit by the last Google update? We have noticed many online businesses hit so hard by the Google updates, they had to shut down their operation eventually. This can be pretty disheartening for startups that worked very hard from the beginning to make their business successful and one sudden morning they realize all their hard work being neutralized by some Google updates.

That’s pretty serious. And every person who is running online business can be a victim to Google algorithm updates that are becoming very common these days.

This is very much real ever since the Google panda update surfaced. Webmasters are in constant fear that their websites might get hit by the next Google update. They often enquire if there is any way to make their website Google update proof. Yes, there are some methods that are found to be effective to withstand the updates and those are constantly changing. In this blog post, we will discuss and find out those techniques so that your website is able to get the traffic that they deserve from Google in order to make your website Google update proof.

First of all you need to understand that just like your online businesses; Google is also an online business whose sole intention is to make more profit from their website. Therefore if you are thinking that they are doing charity by sending free traffic to your website, you are completely wrong as the scenario is completely opposite.

Google is always updating its search algorithm to produce better search results to its billion of users worldwide. And if they think there are better website than your, they will certainly rank those websites above your website. And the complete operation of Google algorithm is handled by Google crawler and AI. If your website got hit by the recent Google update, you must be sure that their crawler has discovered some pattern which is being followed by a group websites to artificially manipulate the Google ranking. If you are to make your website Google update proof, you have to avoid this pattern at any cost. To do that you need to refrain yourself from buying low quality backlinks. There is no doubt that backlinks are essential for Google ranking, but you need to concentrate on getting quality rather than quantity. At the same time, you also need to maintain the link velocity while running a SEO campaign for your website. The backlink profile of a website also plays a vital role in this case. It is important you are building links from different authority sources so that your SEO campaign looks natural to Google.

People are also curious to know if these methods can be effective for websites that already hit by Google updates. In that case, you should be aware that just like the human body needs time to recover from a deadly wound/disease; your website will also need time to fully recover from Google updates. And if you are patient enough and allow that time to apply these techniques mentioned above,  I am quite sure your website can bounce back and will get even more traffic from Google.

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