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Why SEO Friendly Content Play Vital Role in Search Engine Ranking?

SEO Friendly Content

As you know there are various factors that determine the ranking in Google and other search engines. Among those, SEO optimized content is one of the most important elements. In recent times, it is found the role of smart article writing is increasing. Apart from that it also plays an important role in boosting sales by increasing the conversion rate.

For instance, when a person tries to search for something, they use a word or word phrase more popularly called keyword to narrow their results to find what exactly they need. After that, Google reviews those keywords and combs its database indexes to find the most relevant matches to those keywords. However, Google does not show those matches in a random order but it organizes the results according to the specific search algorithm. And SEO friendly content is part of that search algorithm used by Google.

Relevant Content is the Key

Now that you are aware that relevant content is important for search algorithms, you may wonder how Google determines relevancy. The answer to that particular question is being searched by many people without any definite solution. In reality, Google uses highly confidential algorithms to determine search relevancy to your query. That is the trade secret that Google will not reveal to anyone. However, online marketing experts have gone through extensive research on how Google responds in different searches which clearly reveals quality content plays a major role including the press release you are sending.

Content is the King! Really?

If you have a website, it will surely have some content of any form. Websites having quality content can easily be found by users. However, you need to make sure the content used by your website is unique and compelling in nature. Otherwise, you will notice, a website having better quality content is constantly ranking higher over your own website. That’s why you should concentrate heavily on having unique content on your website. Another demerit of using duplicate content is that your website is unable to utilize its full potential. This is the exact reason why search engines like Google always encourage webmasters to put unique content on their websites. Search engines always give preference to the original content on the search engine results page to combat any form of duplicity. Hence if you want grand success for your website in terms of traffic and revenue, it is vital to use only unique and interesting material.

Keywords in Content

There is no doubt about the fact that unique content plays a vital role in overall website success. However, creating unique content and articles on diverse topics isn’t going to help your website either. You can’t just create loads of content and expect to rank your website on Google. So how does this actually take place? It’s all about the proper balance in keywords and relevancy. You need to add quality content to your website based on a particular context. This context is the main theme of your website which is commonly known as a niche. Your goal should be to create niche relevant keyword rich content.

While there are could be endless SEO factors out there, including the on-page and off-page SEO; the content remains to be the most important factor since the beginning. Because people use words to communicate, in their daily lives and also use them while searching online on Google. In simple words, if you do not have any text or content on your website, there cannot be any match when a user searches for something. Therefore SEO friendly content will always be on top of the list when it comes to preference in the search engine algorithm.

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How Reddit can help to improve your SEO and Traffic?

Reddit SEO

Reddit commonly known as the frontpage of the internet is the most influential social news aggregator on the internet. It creates headlines, drives traffic to the website, and responsible for many things compared to any other social network.

Using Reddit to promote your content marketing & SEO efforts is going to take either a lot of time or some money – neither of which many marketers have.

But that doesn’t mean Reddit is useless for marketing. There are ways to use Reddit for better SEO and content marketing without submitting or paying for submissions, all involving the goldmine of research that is Reddit.

Selection of Subreddit

If you want to use reddit for online marketing and SEO purposes, you have to start with the proper selection of subreddit. Reddit is full of various subreddits. In general, these are like small communities organized around a particular topic where users can submit posts, upvote, or downvote and comment on those posts. First of all your challenge will be finding subreddits relevant to your website or blog. You can easily search using your primary keyword and choose from the results.

You should always select the most appropriate subreddits and that can be more than one based on your website niche. Also. try to target the subreddit which has a large number of subscribers. You can even create your own subreddit and engage users to get more Reddit subscribers. However, that is a completely different issue altogether and needs a different post to discuss.

Using Subreddit for SEO

Once you have found the right subreddit for your website, you have to learn the exact etiquette that subreddit is following. Every reddit subreddit has its own rules and regulations that users need to follow. This is very important because if you are found to violate those rules, you will be banned immediately. Reddit is very strict about that. After that, you can research those subreddits relevant to your website to find content topics and ideas that have done well previously. To find content ideas that have worked well, filter subreddits by “Top” and then by time period. You can use those ideas yourself to promote your youtube channel, website, and blog.

There is no doubt that finding the exact keyword for reddit SEO can be the toughest. The problem lies with finding keywords is that choosing those keywords which have less competition and relatively more search volume. In the case of reddit though it does not matter much as long as you are interacting with the reddit community and getting traffic to your website. That is the beauty of using reddit compared to other social networks. And if you are posting effectively on reddit and getting continuous upvotes, your post can make it to the front page.

What is more, you can also buy reddit upvotes to make this process faster. Many marketers have found success following this exact technique. Reddit is an incredible website for internet marketers and untapped traffic sources. You just need to head to and spend a few minutes clicking through the various subreddits. Don’t ignore the potential of using Reddit for SEO and content marketing. It can pay you really well in terms of website traffic and sales.

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Is Niche based SEO Service more effective compared to Traditional SEO?

Niche based SEO

There is no doubt about the fact that the SEO industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the technology and IT field. The rules and algorithms are keep getting changed every now and then to make things more complex. And not to forget about the competition; with every single minute, there is a new website that is being developed. Along with that domain registrars are also kept busy by the web developers as well as the webmasters. All these activities are leading to more competition in webmastering world. Although the competition is always increasing, no one wants to lag behind in Google ranking. As a result, there have been various things happening very fast in the SEO field. One of the recent trends is the invention and use of niche-based SEO by different webmasters. Today our topic of discussion is centered around that recent trend.

Reasons for Niche based SEO
In the opening paragraph, it is already discussed that an increase in the number of websites is one of the major reasons why niche based SEO services are getting popular. Apart from that, there are other reasons too. Another main reason is the frequent algorithm update from Google and other search engines such as Bing. Due to these algorithm changes, traditional SEO seems to become more and more ineffective. By modifying the SEO strategy and using more powerful backlinks such as high metrics PBN network, webmasters are still able to rank their keywords in the top 10 results. Still there niches where competition is more fierce compared to other niches. To rank for those niches, it has become quite essential to use niche specific SEO backlinks. If you take the example of the real estate niche, you will notice the competition is too high. The same thing applies to other notable niches including casino, adult, pharmacy, etc.

Should I use Niche based SEO services?
If you are facing stiff competition while ranking your keywords, it is probably time to start using niche based SEO services. Hence there is nothing specific when it comes to using this trending SEO package. It will all depend on your personal expectation and the current result that you are seeing, to decide whether you should opt for this specific SEO or continue using traditional service for your website. As a webmaster, you are in the best position to do that. At the same time, you should remember there are other webmasters having websites of a similar theme. It is only a matter of time that they would start using niche based solutions like adult SEO services and others depending on the website niche. Therefore in order to be ahead of your competitors, it would be wise to start using theme based SEO solutions before they opt for similar services.

In the end, it is all about using the latest techniques and link building methods if you want to go ahead and beat the competition. And in the SEO industry, the story is no different. You need to use the exact formulation that is right for your website, it can be traditional SEO backlinks or niche based SEO service depending on the current situation.

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Why Musicians should buy SEO and Social Media Services?

musician seo

In today’s world, the internet plays a vital role in the success of musicians. As a musician, you may be the next big star at your local pub, but until your music gets enough footprints online, you won’t be able to get any popularity as a musician. In order to make your music entity famous, you need to use the latest digital marketing services including SEO and different social media services. In this post, we are going to discuss this exact topic so that you can leverage maximum benefits from eSEOStore as an upcoming musician.

As a musician, your song and the music video are the reflection of your artistic talent, hence you have make sure you are putting best efforts in order to make your creation visible to the world through internet. You should take all the time in the world to make sure that your music is best in that category. Because once you have uploaded the music to YouTube or Spotify, you will not get that second chance to impress your audience.

Branding is important

If you have already chosen the brand name for your music channel, make sure you stick with that. It is also important to use that same brand name across all the social media channels that you have. It will help you to establish your online branding as a musician. Also if you are yet to choose the brand name, do some research before its selection. So that you can acquire the vanity URL across all the social profiles that you will be setting up. This step is vital and if properly chosen, it will help you in the future as well.

Publishing the music

These days, online music streaming websites are providing the required foundation to the budding musicians. There is thousands of music streaming sites out there, but you don’t need to publish your music to all those. At the same time make sure you’re putting your music on the best websites according to your genre and style. Websites like Spotify, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Datpiff are a good ones to share your music. And of course, don’t forget YouTube SEO even if you don’t have the video. Audio song also works fine with YouTube which is the second biggest search engine in the world.

Social media is Crucial

Creating social media accounts for your music band and updating them regularly is vital to gain more twitter, telegram followers,  and Snapchat scores. Also, you should be using trending articles and relevant hashtags to gain followers across all social media channels. Link to and share music that you like as well as your own music, and broadcast your personal events through Facebook, Instagram, etc. It will help you to easily connect with your worldwide fans.

Focus on SEO

If you have your own website, SEO can provide that extra edge over other musicians. Make sure you’re doing SEO locally and globally so that your website is always in Google results for relevant music keywords. Music blogs are always looking for the next big thing, so reach out to influential bloggers with your guest posting proposal. If you build a relationship with bloggers, you’ll have a reliable channel to promote your music in the future. When you’re trying to make it count like a musician, your music is only one part of the equation. You need to keep in mind that by using SEO and digital marketing for music you will be able to impact more. Use of social media such as reddit marketing will also make it much easier for your followers to discover your music online and simultaneously spread the word about how awesome your new single is. That in return will have a long-lasting positive effect.

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Case Study: How I ranked so called difficult keywords on Google Top 10 with eSEOStore services

Today I would like to share a case study, rather a story that most of the website owners can easily relate to. My name is Thomas Elberton and I guess you are aware of my works and websites if you belong to webmastering and SEO space. You should also know that I like to experiment with different websites and niches and share the results on my blog regularly. Going by intuition, I decided to start a website in a competitive niche as most SEO tools as semrush confirmed. As you know I do this kind of test so that I can learn new things about SEO and link building market. Furthermore, I also share these tests result in my blog so that the readers too can enlighten themselves about the latest technologies in the SEO industry. So why waste any more time! Let’s get started with the actual experiment, how I proceeded and the result I achieved. Like you, I too eager to share the story here as I noticed some unusual things which are quite exciting.

The Setup

I started this website project during the month of June this year. Regarding the domain, it was a fresh domain without any previous metrics and I registered the domain via Namecheap using a promo code at $0.88 for one year. For the hosting purpose, I used my personal hosting service provider where I perform this kind of experiment. Then I installed wordpress to make the website public. Regarding the niche, I picked golf and set up a simple amazon affiliate website using the necessary plugins. I am used to making such a website hence it did not take much time to develop the actual site. I also designed a simple logo using photoshop. The website was functional but nothing to fancy about. It was the most simple website that you could imagine.

The SEO plan

As I mentioned earlier, the niche was quite competitive in the golf niche. And I targeted to get 90% traffic from search engines; mainly from Google. As a consequence, you should be aware of the hard work that needs to be performed to achieve my target. Moreover, as I am always busy with my other projects, therefore I decided to completely outsource the SEO. I solely concentrated on finding effective services by searching various well-known SEO marketplaces. The job of finding the right SEO is much harder than it is sounding here.

The results

The results were quite astonishing, to say the least! While my SEO campaign was let down by the services from reputed sellers from forums and marketplaces, on the other hand, I got surprising results using relatively a new SEO marketplace called Although few people in my webmaster circle mentioned that website, I did not pay much attention. However, when some of the most trusted SEO services failed to provide me the desired results, I reluctantly opted to use SEO services from eseostore. And I am glad, I did that. It seems they are using some custom mix of backlinks to achieve Google’s top 10. I am not sure how did they achieve the results, but it is definitely working.

In the endnotes after this project, I have realized that SEO is of mixing of science with intuition. Therefore you need to be creative while planning your monthly SEO campaigns. I have also concluded that no niche is difficult enough for not trying once. If you can plan your SEO battle with proper execution and creativity, you can surely achieve the most unrealistic goal.

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Introducing Members only SEO Services in eSEOStore Marketplace

members only seo services

It has been quite an eventful journey that saw eSEOStore establishing itself as a trusted marketplace for buying high-quality SEO services. I am glad to announce that from the very beginning, webmasters and SEO agencies have taken notice of the exclusive services that are being offered here. What is more amazing, that this feat has been possible to achieve using very little marketing efforts. That clearly indicates there was already a demand for vetted SEO marketplace like eSEOStore. That is why, this website was able to fill the blank spaces created by websites like fiverr, seoclerks, and few others. Assuming we are heading in the right direction, today we will be running a vital update that I guess was very much required.

Since this SEO marketplace went online, we have noticed there have been some creepy activities that are taking place. For example, it has been noticed that several services from this website are being sold on other similar platforms at different prices. Although this has helped our marketplace in some way, due to the increase in such activities we are also facing issues which are directly harming our reputation. In the past few months, we are getting complaints from various parts of the globe that our exclusive SEO services have become less effective. Upon receiving these complaints, we decided to run a detailed investigation. The result of this investigation was very astonishing.

We found out those who are complaining had not bought directly from eSEOStore but from other marketplaces. Again after further research, it was found that services from eSEOStore are being copied/modified and sold on different marketplaces. As those sellers are not knowledgeable about current SEO trends, they were not able to deliver results compared to us. In order to prevent such cases in the future, we are introducing member-only services into our marketplace. From now on, only verified members will be able to buy exclusive SEO services at eSEOStore. We are also offering some exclusive SEO coupon codes to our eSEOStore members only.

Apart from that, there will be normal SEO services that can be ordered by guests as well as members. It is quite obvious that only this feature will not prevent all those illegal activities that were taking place. That is right. Internet is a free space and anyone using the internet service can utilize it in their own way. Still, we are quite hopeful that this update will help us to decrease the number of such cases. We are also working on creating some exclusive SEO services that are very hard to duplicate.

It is an open fact that the SEO industry has gone through a drastic level of changes in recent years. We have a more experienced SEO knowledge base compared to any other platforms. This is the only reason why we are confident to provide exclusive services to our users. Our SEO services are constantly monitored and being modified if needed. Hence as a member of eSEOStore, you will continue to receive guaranteed services that can boost your SEO campaign.

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Step by Step process to create a Successful Authority Website for Passive Income

Successful Authority Website

Every webmaster around the world has this one common goal i.e. to create a website that will create passive cash flow in the upcoming days. However, it is noticed that only very few of those webmasters actually succeed to achieve their goal of creating a successful website. That does not imply their failure is linked with a lack of work or experience. Most webmasters put their best efforts based on their circumstances in order to make their website successful. But what they are missing is the actual workflow that leads to profitable website creation. Today I am going to tell the exact step-by-step guidelines that need to be followed in order to create one successful website. Although I will cover this topic from the very beginning i.e. from domain registration; you can still apply this same process on your existing website and get similar results.

In order to make this tutorial simple, the process will be depicted in a simple step-by-step process. And the first step is keyword and competition research. Remember for the best result, you should be doing this prior to registering the domain name itself.

Keyword Research and Competition Analysis

This is the most important step of all. Most of the unsuccessful webmasters just create the website when they get an idea. After that when they are unable to generate the expected traffic, they usually start doing keyword research and competitor analysis. Contrary to this model, your first step should be keyword research as soon as you came up with a website idea. Apart from that, you should also put effort into competition and audience analysis. It will greatly help you in the later stages that are mentioned below.

Setting up the website

Once you are done with the first step, you should search for a suitable domain name. It would be better if you could find a suitable expired domain for your website. Although it is not mandatory getting an expired domain for a website definitely helps. Once you have chosen a domain name, next you should sign up for an appropriate hosting plan as per your future website requirement. After that, you should develop the actual website using wordpress or any other CMS of your choice. After this step is completed, you will be able to see your website from any web browser.

Social Media and Branding

Before you create the content for your website, you should be taking care of the website’s online branding and social media. Nowadays it is quite vital to register the vanity URL across the major social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and others. The more social media channels you can manage, more will be the benefits for your website in terms of branding and traffic. However, managing social media campaigns can take out some vital time from your day. Hence many webmasters prefer to outsource the entire social media marketing work so that they can concentrate on other aspects including SEO, guest posting, traffic optimization, content creation, etc. Based on your own time schedule, you should decide the social media activities for your website.

Content Creation

Content is the foundation of any website on which the future prospect of any website depends. And your job will be to make your base as strong as you can. If you are a native English speaker you can create the content yourself to minimize grammatical errors. At the same time quality content creation also needs a lot of research and proofreading. And to make your content optimized for search engines, you need to make sure the quality is top class. Otherwise, you will be starting the ranking race from behind of your competitors. Hence make sure you are using absolutely high-quality content and articles for your website.

Traffic Generation

If you have taken good care of the previous three steps mentioned above, traffic generation will be quite easy provided you have adopted a Google-friendly SEO method. For any website, Google and other search engines are the major sources of traffic. And to get the maximum amount of traffic from Google you need to rank a website for a different set of keywords. This is only possible when you are creating authority backlinks through web 2.0, PBN, and other methods. While creating these links, you need to make sure you are not using any blackhat SEO in order to be safe from Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates. Google regularly updates its search algorithm to tackle webmasters using blackhat SEO techniques. As a consequence. you should always buy backlinks package that is natural and safe for Google updates. By following a whitehat SEO link building strategy, you will be able to rank your website in Google’s top 10 for many keywords.

Collecting the cash in Bank

When you are getting a decent amount of traffic to your website, you can surely make money from your website. However, how much money you can make completely depends on your monetization methods. I have noticed websites that are getting tons of traffic but due to negligence on monetization techniques, those websites are not making enough money. Depending on your website niche you should use different monetization methods ranging from CPA, Banner ads, Ad sales, Affiliate marketing, and others. You should not rely on Google Adsense only to make money from your website traffic. If you are only using AdSense, you are leaving your money on the table. Therefore don’t engage yourself in this mistake of implementing only one monetization technique. Rather experiment with different monetization methods and find out what monetization techniques are yielding the best result for your website in terms of revenue.

There are various aspects of any successful website creation and I have only pointed out the major ones. I am quite sure when you will be running your own website, you will encounter many challenges and have new experiences. Using those experiences you will be able to learn your own tips and tweaks that will help you to evolve as a veteran webmaster.

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How to choose SEO Services effectively to Rank Keywords on Google in 2018?

SEO Strategy in 2018

SEO is an extremely diverse industry so are the various services that are offered within this domain. Additionally, it is quite well known that SEO is becoming more diverse with every year as Google continues to update its algorithm. And when you are searching for effective SEO services, you will need to opt for those options which are still delivering the result. In order to do so, you have to go through plenty of services and do your own research. This post intends to help you in the process of proper SEO service selection. So that you can easily reach your ultimate goal i.e. ranking keywords on Google top 10.

There are mainly three types of keywords that every webmaster usually targets and tries to achieve top 10 results. These are classified as hard, medium, and easy keywords. The main aim of this blog post will be to discuss the exact strategy to rank these three types of keywords on Google’s top. Although this SEO strategy is targeted around Google, I am quite sure it will also work with Bing and other search engines as well. So let’s get started.

Hard Keyword ranking SEO strategy

Hard keywords usually have lots of competition when you search for that particular keyword in Google. For this case, Google SERP will have results from Wikipedia pages and other authority websites. At the first instance, you may think it is impossible to rank the keyword that you are targeting. But wait, it is still possible if you can formulate an exact SEO tactic using some effective SEO services from marketplace.

To get top 10 ranking for hard keywords, you should first make sure your website is optimized for on-page SEO factors including title, meta tags, canonical, img alt, and header tags. After that, you should opt for high-quality niche guest posting with dofollow and nofollow mix. You may wonder why I am recommending nofollow links, but it is proven that nofollow links are also required; especially when you are trying to rank very hard keywords. After your guest posts are indexed, you should go for the web 2.0 and PBN backlinks.

Once this SEO cycle is completed, you should already notice some improvement in keyword ranking. Now you should wait for 1-2 weeks and see how far these links can help your website to further rank up in SERP. Once the ranking stabilizes, you can again follow the same SEO strategy to buy some quality backlinks. Also, it is important to constantly monitor the keyword position in order to decide your next steps that need to be taken.

Medium and Easy keyword ranking strategy

For medium keywords, the strategy is almost similar except you don’t need to opt for nofollow guest posting. What is more, you can also go for the authority guest posting instead of niche guest posting. And the rest SEO strategy should be quite identical. Also, the number of links that you need to use should be less too.

For ranking easy keywords in Google, you will have even more freedom when it comes to choosing a backlink package. Depending on the niche, for some easy keywords; web 2.0 backlinks should be enough. Whereas PBN and profile backlinks have also worked to achieve Google’s top 10 rankings. Blog commenting is another key linking strategy for easy keywords. Now it’s up to you to decide what SEO strategy you will choose based on your SEO budget.

When you are searching for an effective SEO service, you should definitely consider these issues based on your keywords. It will also help you to set a realistic goal for your SEO campaign which is equally relevant to get a better result for your SEO campaign.

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Exact Technique to find Investors for your upcoming Startup project

Find startup capital

Whether you are an entrepreneur, working on your startup project or a full-time employee considering startup as your path to quit your boring job; you will face one key problem. That is the issue of investment. It is true that lack of capital is one of the major reasons why most people are not able to fulfill their startup dream. At the same time, it is also true that there are investors who are as hungry as you to find out promising startup projects where they can invest. These investors have a huge amount of capital for investing. Let us find out some effective techniques using which you can attract these investors to take interest in your startup. And how you can convince them so that they invest money into your startup project.

Finding suitable investors

The most crucial and vital step towards forming a promising startup project is to find investors who will provide the capital. If you are assuming that your startup project is so appealing that the venture capitalists, angel investors will readily contact you to invest; you are completely wrong. First of all, you need to understand one plain fact i.e. these individuals or companies don’t have time to search the internet to find promising startup projects. That would be futile wastage of their valuable time. At most they could go through different online publications where they usually find news about different startups from around the globe. Now if your project gets featured in one of these publications through guest posting or other means, it may yield the result that you are wishing.

Another way is to contact these capitalists, investors directly. In order to do so, you will need to have the contact information of them. Unless you have some references or contacts, it is almost impossible to contact these investors directly. What is more, entrepreneurs are so busy developing the startup itself, they usually don’t get enough time themselves to do research and find the contact information of the investors.

Approaching the investors

Once you have the contact information of the investors from where you are seeking capital, you need to approach them tactfully. Remember these investors have dealt with entrepreneurs like you before. On the contrary, it may be the first time that you are contacting them. Therefore you need to do your homework diligently. Otherwise, you may not be able to convince the investor to invest their capital into your startup project. Make sure you don’t sound too desperate while approaching them. They will instantly sense that and reject your application.

Investment terms

Once you are able to convince the investors of your startup project’s prospect, they will decide to invest capital into your company. Now many entrepreneurs assume that they have overcome the biggest hurdle which is actually not true. After they agree to invest, you also need to work on the investment terms. Make sure the investment agreement is profitable for you because they will wish to have the maximum profit from your startup. You need to understand that these investors are just money-hungry sharks and their investment terms will reflect that. Therefore it would be wise to discuss relentlessly with the investor in order to make the agreement in your favor. If needed, you can also take legal help in case of a bigger investment. However, in most cases, legal help is not needed.

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Tutorial to Rank YouTube Video for any Keyword that You Want

YouTube Video SEO

Website ranking and YouTube video ranking are two completely different things. And if your main target is to rank YouTube videos, you need to apply some specific techniques that are recommended. In this blog post, I will be sharing those techniques which have worked to rank videos for most keywords. And among those keywords, there were few high competitive keywords as well. Whatever I am sharing here in this article are the things that I have learned while working on various YouTube videos and worked for me. I am quite sure it will work for you too.

Finding the right Keywords:

The first important step is to find good and easy keywords for your video. Now, what are the easy keywords that can only be checked by a good keyword research tool? If you want to use a free one, you can opt for Google’s Keyword planner. After you have selected the keyword, you also need to check the competition for that particular video. After this competition analysis, you can finalize the keyword.

Creating the Video:

After you have finalized the keyword, you can go on to make a video. Here are few valuable suggestions that you can use while creating the video. First of all, the duration of your video must be more than 5 min because YouTube likes videos which are longer, hence you are more likely to rank better over your competitors. What is more, if your video is longer in duration, there is a more chance for high retention views which is another major factor in YouTube video ranking.

Optimizing Video SEO

After you have created the video, you need to optimize the video for title, description, tags, etc. These are really vital factors that help to rank the video in YouTube as well as in Google. Also, make sure the video that you are uploading is a high-quality one. As high-quality video has a better chance to rank when compared to low-quality ones. After you have completed the video uploading, YouTube will provide 3 variations of thumbnails to be chosen, make sure you select the most appropriate and appealing one. It also helps to increase CTR for YouTube SEO.

Real-time video performance

Many YouTube publishers do those above steps properly and still unable to rank their videos. If you are also one of those publishers, read on to find out what are you missing. It is a well-known fact that YouTube prefers to rank those videos first which is already getting some comments, subscriptions, likes, and favorites. Now for a new video, it may not be possible to get these naturally. That’s why it is important to know how you can boost these metrics even if your video is relatively new.

In this situation, if you can utilize social media effectively, you can easily get some natural likes, comments, subscribers to your video. However, if you don’t have expertise in social media optimization, you can still win this ranking game if you chose to buy some youtube subscribers or likes initially. Many successful YouTube publishers buy those metrics like YouTube comments, shares, favorites, etc. By doing so, they are able to convert their video to normal running video from the so-called zombie state.

After reading the tutorial above, it is quite evident that ranking your YouTube video is pretty easy when you do the basic things right. You may have noticed several YouTube videos are ranking in Google so frequently. That’s because they have done their YouTube SEO properly. I am quite sure you can do the same after reading this guide on YouTube video ranking.