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How Raw Links can help your website in SEO Ranking?

Raw Backlinks seo

The concept of raw links is relatively new in the SEO world and starting to gain traction in recent years. However, in case studies these links are found to be very effective when keyword competition is high. In this blog we will talk about the reasons why raw links are trending and importantance of it’s role to increase Google search result ranking. Additionally, we will also help you out with the best raw links sources that you can use for your website. It’s an well known fact that backlinking is just one of the few approaches that can be used to help clients grow their online businesses.

What are raw links?

Nowadays it has become difficult to rank in Google as it was before. Normal backinks are not enough if you are in a niche that is competitive or you have less time. In such scenario, we need to concentrate on getting links from uncommon sources that are considered as high authority by search engine algorithm. However, the common concepts for high authority may not be always valid. In such cases, raw links can be quite effective. In simple terms raw links are those which have the potential power to outrank websites in a competitive environment.

When should I get these backinks?

Time is a crucial factor which often determines the success of your SEO campaign. The same goes true when you are trying to build links for your website. I have already mentioned previously that raw links are useful when keyword competition is high or you want quick results. It is recommended to apply traditional link building techniques including guest post, pbn, etc before you decide to acquire raw links for your website. At the same time if you know what you are doing, you can get these backinks before as well. Every website has its own properties and SEO strategy should should complement that.

Sources of raw links

Once you have decided to use raw links, your next job will be finding the sources from where you can get it. Remember, the definition of raw links will change based on the niche and nature of the website. Therefore, for one website sape links can act as source whereas wikipedia links can be raw links for another website. It is based on multiple criteria and website metrics such as niche, keyword competition, website age and few other things.

There is no doubt about the fact that links are used by Google and other search engines to calculate the valuable pages on your website based on the quality of external domains that it has acquired. Hence, links will always be a vital factor in driving organic traffic and website ranking, but without an overall integrated SEO strategy and ineffective link building implementation will always have its limitations.