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How to Improve the Indexing Backlinks Speed on Google?

Indexing backlinks

Do you know the backlinks if not indexed are not of any value to Google? Every day thousands of new backlinks are created on the internet. Among these only a few percentages of those actually get indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, etc. These search engines follow a certain algorithm for indexing links and if you follow that algorithm; it will have more chance of getting indexed. That’s why it is necessary to find out those criteria so that you can improve the indexing rate.

Even before proceeding with backlink indexing, it would be wise to check if the backlink in question is already indexed or not. the Best way to check whether it is indexed or not is by pasting the URL into the Google search box. If it is indexed, it will appear in the search results otherwise you can assume it is not indexed. There are certain SEO tools as well using which you can check the status of your high authority backlinks. If you have access to such tool, you can use that to find out whether your links are indexed. If it is indexed, there is no issue. Otherwise, you need to find a solution to index backlinks in Google so that you can get the due benefits from SEO aspect.

Below are some easy fixes which will help you to index your backlinks fast in Google. Sometimes, a certain method may not work due to the nature of links. In that case, you can apply the alternate techniques that are described here. If you can use these techniques effectively, almost 99% of your backlinks can be indexed in very quick time.

First of all, you should not be in hurry to index links. Most search engines like Google, usually find the newly created backlinks within 2 weeks. If you notice they are not indexed even after that period, you can use the power of social sharing to increase the indexing possibilities. Social share is a nice method which actually helps to get real traffic to any URL. Once your created links get human traffic, the chance of getting indexed in Google will also improve drastically. Similarly, you can use social bookmarking too for the same purpose.

Just like social share, pinging is another way that can used in order to index fast and effectively. There are many pinging platforms both free and paid which you can use for this. These pinging websites inform the search engines that they found new links worth indexing in database. As a consequence, the search bot follow the instruction to index the backlinks that are pinged. This is a very effective method and used by many webmasters around the world. Always remember that low quality backlinks will not be indexed by the search engines even if you try hard. That’s it is better to get high quality links including guest posting, press release, web 2.0 and others. If your website get high quality links, it will get indexed naturally by search engines like Google without any efforts from your part. Hence concentrate on that issue first as prevention is always better than cure.

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