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Live chat is now added to eSEOStore for Smooth Communication

eseostore live chat

So this has been more than 3 years that the journey of eSEOStore started and already we have acquired clients from all over the world. And the most inspiring part of this journey is the number of new clients added every single day. While this growth has opened many new opportunities for us as a company, lately there have been some issues that were raised by our clients. We are fixing all those issues in order to provide a better experience for everyone using our SEO marketplace. One of the most sought requests among our clients has been the options to engage the Live Chat feature into the website. We are happy to announce that the Live chat feature is now integrated into eSEOStore.

Many of the clients who were coming to our website for the first time were mainly affected due to the unavailability of the live chat option. As there was no live chat available during that time, they had to use our contact us page or email to reach us in case they had specific queries regarding our SEO services. Although this is quite a standard mechanism to contact any company, the response time was not that fast. Moreover, many clients don’t have the patience to write an email with their queries and send us for the answer. Considering all those valid issues faced by our clients, we have added the Live Chat option to our website. As a client, now you can readily contact us for any specific or general queries regarding our listed services.

What is more, we have opted for probably the best live chat software that is currently available in the market i.e. the Live Chat software from Facebook. This will enable us to chat with our clients from our official fan page handle. Therefore every time you will ask your question using the chat option; there will be always a human agent. We are not using those bot support that many websites are using currently. As a result, you can also get customized SEO advice through the live chat if you wish. I am quite sure you won’t get this exclusive feature anywhere else if you are looking to buy quality SEO backlinks.

Also, there are other updates that are planned and will roll over as scheduled. It would be wise if you follow our official social medial profiles for regular updates. Our sole intention by running these updates to our website is to improve the user experience. The positive feedback that we are continuously receiving is proof that we are moving in the right direction.

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Introducing Members only SEO Services in eSEOStore Marketplace

members only seo services

It has been quite an eventful journey that saw eSEOStore establishing itself as a trusted marketplace for buying high-quality SEO services. I am glad to announce that from the very beginning, webmasters and SEO agencies have taken notice of the exclusive services that are being offered here. What is more amazing, that this feat has been possible to achieve using very little marketing efforts. That clearly indicates there was already a demand for vetted SEO marketplace like eSEOStore. That is why, this website was able to fill the blank spaces created by websites like fiverr, seoclerks, and few others. Assuming we are heading in the right direction, today we will be running a vital update that I guess was very much required.

Since this SEO marketplace went online, we have noticed there have been some creepy activities that are taking place. For example, it has been noticed that several services from this website are being sold on other similar platforms at different prices. Although this has helped our marketplace in some way, due to the increase in such activities we are also facing issues which are directly harming our reputation. In the past few months, we are getting complaints from various parts of the globe that our exclusive SEO services have become less effective. Upon receiving these complaints, we decided to run a detailed investigation. The result of this investigation was very astonishing.

We found out those who are complaining had not bought directly from eSEOStore but from other marketplaces. Again after further research, it was found that services from eSEOStore are being copied/modified and sold on different marketplaces. As those sellers are not knowledgeable about current SEO trends, they were not able to deliver results compared to us. In order to prevent such cases in the future, we are introducing member-only services into our marketplace. From now on, only verified members will be able to buy exclusive SEO services at eSEOStore. We are also offering some exclusive SEO coupon codes to our eSEOStore members only.

Apart from that, there will be normal SEO services that can be ordered by guests as well as members. It is quite obvious that only this feature will not prevent all those illegal activities that were taking place. That is right. Internet is a free space and anyone using the internet service can utilize it in their own way. Still, we are quite hopeful that this update will help us to decrease the number of such cases. We are also working on creating some exclusive SEO services that are very hard to duplicate.

It is an open fact that the SEO industry has gone through a drastic level of changes in recent years. We have a more experienced SEO knowledge base compared to any other platforms. This is the only reason why we are confident to provide exclusive services to our users. Our SEO services are constantly monitored and being modified if needed. Hence as a member of eSEOStore, you will continue to receive guaranteed services that can boost your SEO campaign.