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How to use Telegram to reap maximum benefits for your Digital Marketing efforts

Telegram channel members

Do you think using Telegram in the digital marketing field is a weird idea? In that case, these stats will definitely be an eye-opener for you. As of today, there are 100 million active users that are using Telegram. What is more, around half a million new users are joining this latest messaging app on a daily basis. The number of messages that are sent using this website is close to 20 billion per day. If you still believe, Telegram is not worth to try especially in the digital marketing arena; you are definitely neglecting your business growth opportunities.

There is no doubt about the fact that in very short time Telegram has emerged as a useful marketing technique particularly for online businesses. With Telegram, there has opened an absolutely new avenue which was not explored earlier. Now the businesses can contact their clients, accept new orders and answer customer queries using this wonderful messaging app called Telegram. Be it is a B2B communication or B2C communication; business organizations are using this tool to their maximum advantage. Also, the young generation is also more comfortable using Telegram for communication. That’s another reason why it has become popular so quickly.

Using Telegram for Marketing and Promotion

Now that you have completely understood why you should start using Telegram if you want to grow your business, it would be wise to concentrate on the most important issue of this post i.e. using Telegram for marketing and promotion. There are some vital features that enable you to effectively promote your business through Telegram. Telegram actually provides you the freedom to think beyond monotonous text message marketing. It supports multi messaging format including traditional texting, photos, audio, video, doc, mp3, etc. The multi messaging format is a great way to leverage maximum benefits for an online business.

Additional Telegram Features

Apart from supporting multi messaging format, there are some additional features which you can use to promote your business. For instance, the Telegram Supergroups feature enable you to group your important customers together. After that, you can pin important messages, broadcast special announcements and add members or buy telegram members following a few taps. Another awesome feature of Telegram that is immensely popular is its chatbots. These chatbots can reduce your marketing workloads using predefined automation. They can also be used to systemize major marketing processes and handle a variety of tasks.

How you should Start?

If you don’t have any presence at Telegram, it would be wise to get started with Telegram marketing by creating a Group/Channel dedicated to your business. Unlike WhatsApp group, there is some basic difference with Telegram groups. You should remember that apart from messaging the users within the group; the Telegram group will also get indexed in Google. Hence make sure to choose a group name which is relevant to your business. This is vital for SEO purpose as well.

New social media platform like Telegram, Snapchat, etc are emerging and you should be taking complete advantage of those. And if the situation demands, you need to leverage the maximum benefits by putting more efforts. While following this process, you may need to use techniques to increase telegram members in your channel or boost the snapchat score as required. These are some little tips and hacks which if used in the right direction can benefit your business in the long term.

Business-to-Customer Communication:

Telegram makes customer support easier and seamlessly fast. From general customer inquiries to specific order status and detailed support, Telegram handles it all. The platform helps you engage your clients timely and when they need you most. Telegram Marketing is unambiguously helping businesses to execute various business models-

  • Online ordering and delivery
  • Real-time customer support
  • Product promotion
  • Customer feedback processing

Business-to-Business Communication: Telegram brings small businesses an opportunity to communicate their business partners and vendors. This two way communication ensures quick receipt of messages, thus, faster decision making. All you have to do is to create a business group and adding your business associates as the group member.