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Why SEO friendly Content Play Vital Role in Search Engine Ranking?

SEO Friendly Content

As you know there are various factors which determine the ranking in Google and other search engines. Among those, SEO optimized content is one of the most important elements. In recent times, it is found the role of smart article writing is increasing. Apart from that it also plays an important role in boosting sales by increasing conversion rate.

For instance, when a person try to search something, they use word or word phrases more popularly called keyword to narrow their results to find what exactly they need. After that, Google reviews those keywords and combs its database indexes to find the most relevant matches to those keywords. However Google does not show those matches in a random order but it organizes the results according to specific search algorithm. And SEO friendly content is part of that search algorithm used by Google.

Relevant Content is the Key

Now that you are aware that relevant content is important for search algorithm, you may wonder how Google determines relevancy. The answer to that particular question is being searched by many people without any definite solution. In reality, Google uses highly confidential algorithms to determine search relevancy to your query. That is the trade secret which Google will not reveal to anyone. However, online marketing PR experts have gone through extensive research on how Google responds in different searches which clearly reveals quality content play a major role.

Content is the King! Really?

If you have a website, it will surely have some content of any form. Websites having quality content can easily be found by the users. However, you need to make sure the content used by your website is unique and compelling in nature. Otherwise you will notice, a website having better quality content is constantly ranking higher over your own website. That’s why you should concentrate heavily on having unique content on your website. Another demerit of using duplicate content is that your website is unable to utilize its full potential. This is the exact reason why search engines like Google always encourages webmasters to put unique content on their website. Search engines always give preference to the original content on the search engine results page to combat any form of duplicity. Hence if you want a successful website in terms of traffic and revenue, it is vital to use only unique and interesting material.

Keywords in Content

There is no doubt about the fact that unique content play a vital role in overall website success. However creating unique content and articles on diverse topic isn’t going to help your website either. You can’t just create loads of content and expect ranking your website on Google. So how does this actually take place? It’s all about the proper balance in keywords and relevancy. You need to add quality content to your website based on a particular context. This context is the main theme of your website which is commonly known as niche. Your goal should be to create niche relevant keyword rich content.

While there are could be endless SEO factors out there, including the on page and off page SEO; content remains to be the most important factor since the beginning. Because people use words to communicate, in daily lives and also use them while searching online on Google. In simple words, if you do not have any text or content on your website, there cannot be any match when a user searches for something. Therefore SEO friendly content will always be on top of the list when it comes to preference in search engine algorithm.

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