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Tutorial to Rank YouTube Video for any Keyword that You Want

YouTube Video SEO

Website ranking and YouTube video ranking are two completely different things. And if your main target is to rank YouTube videos, you need to apply some specific techniques that are recommended. In this blog post, I will be sharing those techniques which have worked to rank videos for most keywords. And among those keywords, there were few high competitive keywords as well. Whatever I am sharing here in this article are the things that I have learned while working on various YouTube videos and worked for me. I am quite sure it will work for you too.

Finding the right Keywords:

The first important step is to find good and easy keywords for your video. Now, what are the easy keywords that can only be checked by a good keyword research tool? If you want to use a free one, you can opt for Google’s Keyword planner. After you have selected the keyword, you also need to check the competition for that particular video. After this competition analysis, you can finalize the keyword.

Creating the Video:

After you have finalized the keyword, you can go on to make a video. Here are few valuable suggestions that you can use while creating the video. First of all, the duration of your video must be more than 5 min because YouTube likes videos which are longer, hence you are more likely to rank better over your competitors. What is more, if your video is longer in duration, there is a more chance for high retention views which is another major factor in YouTube video ranking.

Optimizing Video SEO

After you have created the video, you need to optimize the video for title, description, tags, etc. These are really vital factors that help to rank the video in YouTube as well as in Google. Also, make sure the video that you are uploading is a high-quality one. As high-quality video has a better chance to rank when compared to low-quality ones. After you have completed the video uploading, YouTube will provide 3 variations of thumbnails to be chosen, make sure you select the most appropriate and appealing one. It also helps to increase CTR for YouTube SEO.

Real-time video performance

Many YouTube publishers do those above steps properly and still unable to rank their videos. If you are also one of those publishers, read on to find out what are you missing. It is a well-known fact that YouTube prefers to rank those videos first which is already getting some comments, subscriptions, likes, and favorites. Now for a new video, it may not be possible to get these naturally. That’s why it is important to know how you can boost these metrics even if your video is relatively new.

In this situation, if you can utilize social media effectively, you can easily get some natural likes, comments, subscribers to your video. However, if you don’t have expertise in social media optimization, you can still win this ranking game if you chose to buy some youtube subscribers or likes initially. Many successful YouTube publishers buy those metrics like YouTube comments, shares, favorites, etc. By doing so, they are able to convert their video to normal running video from the so-called zombie state.

After reading the tutorial above, it is quite evident that ranking your YouTube video is pretty easy when you do the basic things right. You may have noticed several YouTube videos are ranking in Google so frequently. That’s because they have done their YouTube SEO properly. I am quite sure you can do the same after reading this guide on YouTube video ranking.

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